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Dale Jordan (Artist formerly known as Dale Jacoby) as Dean "Shooting Star" Ramsey

born 1961 in Los Angeles, California, USA







At the age of 21 Kurt was already a black belt in taekwondo and an amateur kickboxing champion. He decided to become an actor and moved to Hollywood where, less than 3 months after his arrival, made his film debut in NRNS as the lead.

Our punk went on to appear in ALF (1986) and to star on the soap General Hospital as Ned. This was after he was turned down for American Ninja because he was too young. He was offered to appear in American Ninja III-VI but he didn't like the idea of working on all the films in South Africa (he also turned down No Retreat No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder in 1987 possibly due to the film's location). He currently appears on Guiding Light as Matt Reardon, but never did he kick ass again like in the red track-suit.

Kurt as of today is married to Maronda. They have two children: a son named Cole Madsen and a daughter named (Rafor Jefferson?) Madison Taylor.










Amazingly Dale hasn't made his way up to the highest spheres of Hollywood...well, at least not as an actor. In contrast, by his achievements behind the camera, Dale has become one of the biggest stars of the director's guild. His work includes Squirting Showers (2005), Pop That Cherry 2 (2003), and Booty Duty 10 (2001).

Still, the "Shooting Star" made extremely notable appearances as the judge in Kickboxer 2: The Road Back (1990), as a boxer in Rocky V (1990), as a Blue Light Team member in Die Hard 2, as Brent Caldwell in Bloodmatch (1991), and most impressively as Brad in Ring of Fire 1 (1991) and 2 (1992) before retiring for good. A terrible shame.

Please find an exclusive interview conducted by Anatolij Kaiser here.

Filmography (Actor)

 Guardian Angel (Video)...1994
 Step by Step (TV Series)...1994
 Ring of Fire II: Blood and Steel...1993
 Bloodfist IV: Die Trying...1992
 Ring of Fire...1991
 Kickboxer 2: The Road Back...1991
 Rocky V...1990
 Stirb Langsam 2...1990
 No Retreat No Surrender ...1986

Filmography (Actor)


As the World Turns (TV series)...2010
Guiding Light (TV series)...1997-2009

Savage Faith...2004
Carnival Knowledge...2002
Supertalk (short)...2001

Cupid & Cate (TV movie)...2000

Sworn to Justice...1996

Sworn to Vengeance (TV movie)...1993

General Hospital (TV series)...1988-91
Highway to Heaven (TV series)...1987
ALF (TV series)...1986

Gimme a Break! (TV series)...1985-86
No Retreat No Surrender...1986



Still to come:   Kent Lipham as Scott, J.W. Fails as RJ, et al.

Kurt McKinney as Jason "Punk" Stillwell

born 1962 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA