Exclusive interview

Questions asked by Anatolij Kaiser in August 2010


:    Where and when were you born? Where have you been growing up?

Dale:    On March 17, 1961 in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley).

Anatolij:    How did you come into kickboxing and fitness?

Dale:    I started training in 1977 with my mentor Benny "The Jet" Urquidez. I am a 6th black belt master of my own style, 5-time world champion.

Early photo from a training session.

Anatolij:    How did you get your role for NRNS? Did the producers ask you or did you go to an audition?

Dale:    No, I was working out at the jet center. They were looking for that part and saw me. *lol* That's how it all started. Haha! So I got the part.

Anatolij:    In the fight with Van Damme, he kicked you out of the ring. You fell pretty bad. Did you do the stunt by yourself? Did it hurt?

Dale:    Yes, one take out of the ring. No, it did not hurt.


Anatolij:    Do you have a favourite scene and a favourite quote in NRNS?

Dale:    Favourite scene: the fight with Van Damme. Favourite quote: "Bitchin', I think it will be awesome!" Hahaha it's all good.

:    Do you remember where are the movie locations?

Dale:    Ian's dojo: Dojo Sherman Oaks Karate, the ring was at the boys and girls club of LA, Kelly's house was in LA.

:    Did you keep in touch with anyone of the NRNS actors, do you know how they are doing?

Dale:    No. One of the best kickers is just Ron Pohnel,  Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham is one of the best kickboxer of all time, he is a good friend of mine.

Anatolij:    Do you remember any funny stories or situations while making the movie? Did anything go wrong?

Dale:    A funny thing that really happened was in Peter's fight with Van Damme: Van Damme knocked Peter out and kicked him in the head for real, no control *lol*.

Anatolij:    Did you recommend your brother Corey Jacoby to the producers or how did he get the part?

Dale:    I got my brother in, good times.

Anatolij:    Will you ever act in a movie again or have you left the business entirely?

Dale:    I am thinking of a comeback.

Anatolij:    May we tell about your facebook account on the website?

Dale:    Please, I love the fans! Thank you.