The best moments in no-motion

- Jason, what are you doing?
- One-step, Sensei.
- This isn't Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. It's karate!

L.A. karate!
- What does R.J. stand for?
- Rafor Jefferson Madison III.
- Bruce Lee freak...that's what Kingswood needs! Why me?

Well I dance a bit
and I'm really quick
I rap to the beat so viciously
while you go imitating Bruce Lee.
I like to feel highs, like to feel my lows
try to rock rock rock try to kick with your toes
I'll do it for you now
and I'll show you how
I rock to the beat, so watch my feet.
Attacking R.J.
- Stick with me, kids, and never go hungry!
- There's that slimeball R.J.!
- Well, pee-wee...
- Up...and down...up...
- Who's the lardass?
- He did this [points at his head]...this
[left arm] and that [right arm] [...] He was talking about
how bad Seattle karate is, [...] he was putting Seattle karate down in a big way and talking about how wonderful Los Angeles karate is!
- Look at these trophies!
- Jason Stillwell...Where'd you study in Los Angeles?
- Sherman Oaks Karate.
- Eat me up? Don't worry, I'm nobody's lunch!
- So, this is L.A. karate?!
- Tonight's the night! After this party, Kelly's gonna party in my arms.
- Bitching. I think it'll be awesome!
- All right, time to bomb!
- Shhhh...
- Wow, wow. Look at what the cat's brought in!
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- You hear that, punk? She knows how's the best!
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- Jase?!
- Useless stuff!
- The garage's off limit!
- The cup, now, is clean.
- You must be like Wu-Shu.
- You asked me to come...
- That's because you didn't think about it!
- ...The result is power.
- You'll be fast and direct by utilizing Shi...
- Are you crazy?
- And? Am I doing good,
Lee Dai Ger?
- ...Lee Dai Ger...
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